David Recalde  Co-Founder CLUB ESPAÑOL EN JAPÓN スペイン倶楽部


Spaniard living in Japan, passionate about communication, the creation of synergies and the cultural divulgation, I detected the great demand for the Spanish language in Japan. Which will increase in the coming years since in 2024 it will be mandatory language to access the University in Japan.

Since 2018, I direct (Art Director & Web Design) and coordinate activities and different types of events related to the Spanish language in Japan from our new platform.


To create a community that connects and inspires polyglots across Japan. Help increase Spanish-Japanese connections, constant improvement of understanding between both cultures. We connect the world at

We are currently 1645 members in Japan  🇪🇦 🇯🇵 (April, 2020)

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Club Español en Japón スペイン倶楽部